About us

The CIVIC Institute makes education with socio political content in the European and international context.

We promote the abilities and skills of people in schools and universities, public administration, public life, as well as the economy to develop long-term perspectives, actively shape change processes, and act in an informed and responsible manner in the context of Europeanization and globalization.

The CIVIC Institute offers individual seminar modules, comprehensive and tailored programs, as well as learning and teaching aids for people with European and international educational challenges.

We cover a wide range of topics with interactive methods and user-friendly publications.

The CIVIC Institute for International Education consolidates interdisciplinary competence of experts from jurisprudence, historiography, social and political science, cultural studies, economics, geography and philologies.

Our international and multilingual team is committed to working for your educational needs.

Our experience with leadership development and advanced training, method development and youth projects, evaluation research and scenario techniques has a strong influence on our activities and publications.

The CIVIC Institute is your partner for international education. We are non-partisan with no party-political affiliation, have no denominational or religious ties and are independent. Take a look at our overview of current projects.