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CIVIC - Institute for international Education

The CIVIC Institute makes education with socio political content in the European and international context.

We promote the abilities and skills of people in schools and universities, public administration, public life, as well as the economy to develop long-term perspectives, actively shape change processes, and act in an informed and responsible manner in the context of Europeanization and globalization. (get to know more about us.)

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Our offers for your events 2022: Simulation games and workshops of the CIVIC Institute

Present as digital, we want to excite you with our offering for your events in these challenging times for education. The past months have broadened the horizon for digital learning and - it can work! We support you with our experience and know-how.

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Executive development

The requirements for executives in the public sector grow constantly. The reasons are increasingly complex tasks, the growing use of information technologies and also the intercultural opening, as well as the continuing Europeanization of administration. 

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Integrity and compliance

The fight against corruption and behaviors that lack integrity is of central importance for any authority. This applies regardless of whether criminal offenses have already been committed or incorrect conduct has been uncovered.

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International expertise

Collaboration across language barriers and in different cultural areas becomes more and more important in times of increasing globalization and migration. As a result of Europe growing together, no longer existing limitations and increasing mobility, there are more and more opportunities.

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Role games and simulations

Interactive methods, such as role-playing and role games or participatory conference simulations allow our participants a deeper understanding of politics and social processes from the inner standpoint of the actors involved.

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Civic Education

Civic education is aimed to empower citizens to participate in social and political processes. It is particularly important for us to actively involve the participants in our seminars through participatory methods. 

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