„Gemeinsam handeln wir!“ . A simulation for Albanian local politics.

Holger-Michael Arndt

Vatan Ukaj (2017)

Citizens experience politics at local level, in a municipality or at regional level often as a discussion about the use of public places. The interests for the use of these public places are often very different. The effects of a new land allocation will affect everybody, especially when the central square of the city centre is in question.

The simulation “Gemeinsam handeln wir!” deals exactly with this question. The scenario takes place in an imaginary town in Europe which is rather small and has a multi-ethnic population without greater conflicts. The question referring to the use of the square in the city centre asks all participants to address political interests seriously, to respect each other and to negotiate a compromise. This task is not easy as not everybody is able to enforce its own position.

The simulation is available in Albanian language.

If you are interested, please contact us: info@civic-institute.eu