Migration and asylum politics in the EU: Co-decision procedure simulated by German and Dutch pupils

Three days long pupils from Lüdinghausen/Germany and their partner school from Zwolle/the Netherlands experienced EU politics. They discussed about EU migration and asylum policies within the framework of the simulation “Destination Europe” which took place in the Academy Klausenhof. During the simulation they slipped into roles of European protagonists and debated to what conditions a reception of refugees and migrants should be realised and also what measures should be taken into account for a protection of EU borders. The participants from the Richard-von-Weizsäcker-Berufskolleg in Lüdinghausen and from the Deltion College in Zwolle had been discussing intensively for three days from 26th until 28th of october 2016 the pros and cons of asylum and migration. The commission issued therefore a fictive directive with several articles which then had been discussed within the co-decesion procedure process between Council and European Parliament. After finishing the simulation participants deroled and discussed in small groups further about migration and asylum. The participants reflected later in the evaluation their observations during the simulation.