Online simulation game “Shaping Neighbourhood” from 16th to 17th April 2021 – Baltic region

Which association agreements are going to be made between the European Union and the eastern to be-associative countries? This exciting question was present in the minds of the participants throughout the simulation game “Shaping Neighbourhood” from the 16th to 17th of April 2021.

Connected through the Zoom conference room it was possible to spend two days with a transatlantic group of young students and professionals from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Finland and Russia. We did not miss lively discussions and negotiations as well as convincing statements and conclusions. In the interactive digital simulation game, all participants played either a role of a delegate of the to be-associative countries from the Eastern Partnership or a role of an EU decision maker. A few participants also played an observing role as representatives of the media. They conducted regular press conferences and accompanied the whole negotiation process with articles and comments.

In total, the participants repeated frequently that they learned a lot about the European Union and their neighbouring countries but were also thankful for such a well-organized event and the opportunity to meet like-minded young people. The simulation game would not have been even remotely as pleasant and productive as it was, without the impressive commitment of the group that we had!

The event was conducted by a German team of the Civic Institute for International Education on behalf of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s office for the Baltic States in Riga, Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian Transatlantic Organisation.