Amelie Fuller

* 1992 in Gütersloh

CIVIC GmbH - Instytutu Kształcenia Międzynarodowego
Siedziba: Düsseldorf
0049 / (0)211 / 23 38 855

  • Bachelor degree in Ethnology (major) and Political Sciences (minor) at the Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg; focus: political ethnology, colonialism and nationalism, representation of culture.
  • Bachelor programme in human geography at the University of Tasmania

For the duration of her studies in Ethnology and Political Sciences Amelie Fuller volunteered as a workshop facilitator with the project 'Global Classroom' at the One-World-Centre in Heidelberg, focusing on topics of asylum and migration, as well as globalisation and consumerism. After an internship with the 'Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung' (Baden-Württemberg) she worked here as a freelancer between 2016 and 2018.

When moving to Tasmania Amelie Fuller obtained different positions as a research assistant with the local University. Since 2018 she works as Bicultural Worker for the Migrant Resource Centre in Hobart. In 2019, she started a role as a volunteer coordinator for a local food co-op. In this work Amelie pursues her interests in the social dynamics of multicultural societies and in community-based projects on alternative economies. Since the beginning of 2020 Amelie Fuller has continued her post-graduate education at the University of Tasmania in human geography. A focus of her studies is the planning of urban landscapes in regards to issues of social justice and sustainability.