Annika-Mareike Kielisch

* 1983 in Lüdenscheid

CIVIC GmbH - Institute for International Education
Location: Düsseldorf
0049 / (0)211 / 23 38 855

  • Studied law at the University of Bielefeld
  • Study of economics at the state distance learning university Hagen
  • Businesswoman in wholesale and foreign trade, focus on foreign trade

Since the 1990s, Annika-Mareike Kielisch has worked in the field of youth work. She has worked amongst other things for the YMCA/CVJM and led free time for the Lippe Country Church. Annika-Mareike Kielisch is a member of the European team of the national center for political education North-Rhine Westphalia. She works full-time in the commercial sector.

Areas of expertise:

  • Economic Policy
  • Enlargement and integration policies of the European Union
  • European legislation
  • Simulations and seminars on European politics