Hannah Schaper

* 1992 in Aachen

CIVIC GmbH - Институт Международного Обучения
место: Венa

  • M.A. International Relations and Regional Studies with a focus on countries of the post-soviet space, University of Tartu, Estonia
  • B.A. European Studies, University of Maastricht, the Netherlands

After graduating from high school, Hannah Schaper worked as a volunteer in a school for the deaf in Togo.

After completing her post-graduate studies, she conducted internships in the GIZ corporate development unit in Eschborn and the public relations department of the United Nations in Vienna.

Furthermore, she worked as an Erasmus+ volunteer in an educational project for young people in the northeast of Ukraine.

Currently, she works as the social media manager for an NGO in Vienna and volunteers in an organization dedicated to supporting women affected by human trafficking and violence.

Since November 2019, Hannah Schaper has been involved in the work of the CIVIC Institute in Austria.