Wishes and visions - A simulation for the future of the Western Balkans

The CIVIC-Institute for International Education carried out in cooperation with the Loyola Secondary School in Prizren and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in the Republic of Kosovo a workshop with 45 participants from different parts of the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Kosovo from 19. April to 21. April 2012.

In the framework of the three-day-workshop, the pupils had the possibility to exchange views concerning the actual situation of their countries and the perspectives of the European integration process and developed common future prospects. The talks had been conducted intensively in four languages- English, Albanian, Macedonian and German, the participants argued about the enforceability of different ideas and suggestions.

A further aim of the event was the networking of young people from the region with their different national and ethnic backgrounds. Although the European enlargement process has been considered to be difficult and long-lasting, it still opens an important perspective for the people that live in this region.