“Kuk hin – Kuk her”. A simulation with and for the German minority.

CIVIC GmbH (2015)

What turns “Margarete” into “Małgorzata” and what turns “Jevgenij” into “Eugen?” What do you have to do in order to be German? And what is actually “German?” These are the questions you can encounter in the simulation Kuk hin –Kuk her. It wants to help to find answers and wants to be part of the answer. It is a chance to find out other ideas especially for associations of the German minority. Primarily, it is a chance to motivate young Germans, to inspire them, to invite them to participate.

The German minority in the picturesque small town of “St. Johannes” is in an uproar. The small town is situated in the former Soviet dictatorship of Krakosia. After the longstanding president of the minority´s association is not willing to run for his post again, the search has started for a successor.

In St. Hannes, a lot of dedicated members of the association who have totally different interests are arguing with each other how the association should handle the biggest challenge they had in history.

In this framework, that is close to reality, Kuk hin – Kuk her makes it possible to experience what it means to settle different positions. Thus, the simulation shows what politics means. But, it also makes things exciting that perhaps weren´t exciting for some. Those who are confronting themselves with this situation become part of something bigger – a part of the important role that the German minority plays as a mediator between the cultures.

Borders between different countries, cultures and languages can be noticed very often. But just when it happens, the answer has to be according to Weizsäcker that we have to “eliminate the separating character.” We invite you: Take part, let us surprise and inspire you!

The simulation was developed together with the Institute for Foreign Relations (ifa). It is suitable for participants of all age groups.