Digital expedition to Brussels on June 24th, 2021

On June 24th, 2021, 25 young people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine embarked on a digital journey of discovery to Brussels. The focus was on getting to know different political actors and discussing European issues. For this purpose, the participants visited the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Commission as well as the office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, where they discussed their work and many current political issues in the EU with employees and a member of parliament. The discussions were framed by interactive and participatory methods with which the institutional architecture of the EU on the one hand and the knowledge gained on the other hand could be discussed and classified.

The digital journey of discovery to Brussels took place as part of the Digital Demoracy Lab 2021, which is organized by the CIVIC Institute for International Education in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in the South Caucasus.