Leonardo da Vinci - EU programme "Training for Europe"

13-14 September 2012 at Osnabrück University

The CIVIC-Institute for International Education participates again in the "training for Europe"! In the framework of the mobility projects 2011-2013 with the European Union´s Leonardo da Vinci programme, the CIVIC-Institute for International Education introduced to students of vocational schools from Osnabrück the political and economic situation of the European Union in an activity-oriented manner. The seminar was conducted for "ARBEIT UND LEBEN Niedersachsen Nord gGmbH" under the direction of Mr. Heinrik Peitsch for one day. The project runs within the framework of the European Union´s programme "lifelong learning".

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Please consider the following internet link of the Leonardo-Da-Vinci-team "Training for Europe" and Mr. Henrik Peitsch: www.eurobbos.eu