Civic Education

Civic education is aimed to empower citizens to participate in social and political processes. It is particularly important for us to actively involve the participants in our seminars through participatory methods. The same applies to our materials that focus on the active involvement of the learners. 

A thematic focus of our work in the area of civic education lies in European policy. In addition, we carry out projects together with our partners, for example in the area of economic-political education or regarding issues of minorities and majorities in societies.

The multi-level system of the European Union has still a comparatively low level of transparency and appears remote. Therefore, our topic range related to Europe includes theory, institutional and legal frameworks, concrete policy fields, decision-making processes, as well as outlooks on expected developments.

In our seminars and methods, we most frequently deal with the following topics:

Foundations of the European Union

History of European integration

Asylum and refugees policy

Enlargement of the European Union

European Neighborhood Policy

Institutions of the EU

Climate and energy policies

Economic and Monetary Union

Future of the EU

Please also note our role games and simulations, as well as various publications on European political issues.