Our offers for your events 2022: Simulation games and workshops of the CIVIC Institute

Present as digital, we want to excite you with our offering for your events in these challenging times for education. The past months have broadened the horizon for digital learning and - it can work! We support you with our experience and know-how.

In our educational formats, digital as well as analog, we focus on combining learning content with interaction. We have a range of proven and easy-to-use online tools at our disposal. Our accumulated experience in school and adult education has shown the strengths of online learning and offers a lot of potential for the future of learning: location-independent, flexible in terms of time and regionally as well as internationally networked!

The newly designed flyer of our offers for 2022 provides an overview of our simulation games and workshops. The technical requirements for digital simulation games are explained in detail!

Optionally, we offer you the use of the programs WebEx and ZOOM when conducting our online events. It is also possible to use your platform.

NEW: Our new business game "Klasse mit Klasse", which is available in German, English, Russian as well as Polish and is especially suitable for foreign language lessons.

Please contact us for further non-binding advice: info@civic-institute.eu

You can find our flyers here:

CIVIC Offers for simulation games and workshops

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