Youth Participation

Complaints about the lack of social engagement among young people are as old as the attempt to involve young people in the political structures of adults and to let them participate. At the same time, many adult decision-makers as well as many young people recognize the need for children and young people to be actively involved in societal development processes earlier than before. "How" this can happen successfully for young people and adults is a challenge that requires professional and pedagogical knowledge for child and youth participation. "Successful youth participation" involves both the expectations of young people and takes into account the ideas of the adult world.

Our offer includes:

  • Expert advice on upcoming communal and regional participation processes
  • Information events on different models of youth participation, both for young people and adults
  • Accompanying support of communal and regional actors in the implementation of child and youth participation
  • Coaching of local actors in the implementation of youth participation on site
  • Documentation (and evaluation) of the child and youth participation carried out