Executive development

The requirements for executives in the public sector grow constantly. The reasons are increasingly complex tasks, the growing use of information technologies and also the intercultural opening, as well as the continuing Europeanization of administration.

Moreover, demographic change and an increasing competition with private and public employers make it more and more difficult to attract good executives.

Leadership development as a special element of the human resources management in the public administration is of special importance in this context.

A variety of skills and competencies, the so-called key competences, are therefore required, which can be imparted by the CIVIC Institute for International Education:

  • The ability to tap into knowledge and new task fields on your own, to interactively apply media and resources (e.g. language, technology), i.e. to harness them both for yourself and the operational considerations and processes. To this end, mastering a self-learning and methodological competence is necessary.

  • The ability to interact in socially and culturally heterogeneous groups, and control communication and cooperation processes in a valuing manner.

  • The ability to act independently in different professional contexts and take responsibility for your actions.

  • The ability to properly assess the influences of the European integration process and to implement them into administrative practice. This also includes the willingness to learn interculturally and acquire foreign languages.

  • The ability to purposefully pursue administrative modernization while shaping the way how to handle change, organizational development and change management.

  • The ability to apply knowledge of sustainable development and identify problems of non-sustainable processes. These include thinking ahead, interdisciplinary networked knowledge, autonomous action and participation in societal decision-making processes.

  • The ability to deal openly with people, listen to others, respect them as equal, perceive your task as one to be solved in a team and contribute accordingly. 

Here you can find a photo protocol of an executive development seminar on European Integration.